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Harrer Engineering

Memberships & association activities


  • national and European standardisation or mirror committees,e. g.: 
    • Head of German Delegation at CEN/TC 250/SC 5
    • Lead in the application tests Eurocode 2 (concrete construction), Eurocode 5 (timber construction), and Eurocode 8 (earthquakes)
  • national and international engineering associations, e.g.:
    • Association of Checking Engineers for Construction Technology (Vereinigung der Prüfingenieure für Bautechnik, VPI), Association of Consulting Engineers (Verband Beratender Ingenieure, VBI), Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI), German Association of Transport Sciences (Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, DVWG), Association of Road Construction and Traffic Engineers (Vereinigung der Straßen- und Verkehrsingenieure, VSVI), German Society for Earthquake (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erdbebeningenieurwesen und Baudynamik, DGEB), Axel Christmann Engineering (Axel Christmann Ingenieurtechnik, ACI), International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton, DAfStb), German Committee for Steel Construction (Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbau, DAfSt)
  • Transport Section of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Chamber of Engineers
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Association of Checking Engineers for Construction Technology (VPI Baden-Württemberg)
    • Calloboration (chair) in the Structural Committee (Statisch-Konstruktiven Ausschuss, STAKO)
  • Construction Inspection Association (Bau-Überwachungsverein, BÜV)
    • Calloboration in the drafting of the BÜV guidelines Design and Construction of Glass in Structural Engineering (Bemessung und Konstruktion von Glas im Bauwesenand Load-Bearing Synthetic Materials in Structural Engineering - Design, Evaluation, and Construction (Tragende Kunststoffbauteile im Bauwesen – Entwurf, Bemessung und Konstruktion)
    • Chair of the working group Civil Protection (Katastrophenschutz) 
  • One board member is a lecturer at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, department of civil engineering, topics:
    Project Word Bridge Construction (Projektarbeit Brückenbau) 
    Special Topics in Civil Engineering – Bridge Construction (Spezielle Themen aus dem Ingenieurbau Brückenbau).
  • 1 board member was a lecturer at Stuttgart University, Institute for Construction and Design, topic: Timber Constructions (Holzkonstruktionen”), 
    and still holds lectures about timber preservation and bridges.



BÜV Berlin


The members of the Construction Inspection Association (Bau-Überwachungsverein, BÜV) are experienced Checking Engineers and highly qualified, independent experts, who advise the owner builders in the interests of consumer protection, serviceability, and durability.


VPI Baden-Wuerttemberg

VPI Baden-Württemberg

In the Regional Construction Ordinances (Landesbauordnung, LBO), the legislator commits itself to keep damage caused by the failure of building structures away from users and the public. In Germany, this obligation is implemented by means of independent structural inspections using the four eyes principle”. In the context of this preventative measure, the static calculations and all relevant design drawings are examined prior to execution. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the important task of construction supervision is mandatory and has been so since 1995.

Additionally, Checking Engineers advise structural engineers. Owner builders and planers can find valuable information at The Checking Engineers are organised in the Association of Checking Engineers for Construction Technology (Vereinigung der Prüfingenieure für Bautechnik, VPI) Baden-Wuerttemberg.


Baden-Wuerttemberg Chamer of Engineers

Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Chamber of Engineers (Ingenieurkammer Baden-Württemberg, INGBW) promotes the cooperation of different engineering disciplines. It sees itself as a service provider for its members, its clients, and anyone interested in engineering and construction. The Chamber of Engineers prepares proposals and statements on laws as well as regulations and helps with technical and legal questions.

It publishes several lists: the list of Consulting Engineers in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the list of voluntary members, the list of engineers authorised to sign building documents (bauvorlageberechtigte Bauingenieure), and specific subject lists. 

Additionally, the Chamber of Engineers brings out several publications: the IngenieurbauFührer Baden-Württemberg, different topical information, and
– together with the Federal Chamber of Engineers (Bundesingenieurkammer)
– the Deutsches Ingenieurblatt (DIB). The latter contains the flyer
by way of an official bulletin for the members.

The members of the Chamber of Engineers are mainly involved in the construction industry, working in 16 specialist fields: plant engineering, construction, construction physics, biotechnology, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, energy management, building services, geotechnics, urban development, civil engineering, residential water management, support structure planning, environmental technology, transport systems, surveying.

The Chamber’s members are trustees of their clients and offer advice. With their clients, they plan, invite tenders, issue contracts, monitor, bring to account, and also ensure the functioning of the building structures. In short: The members are professional experts in their field.

They can be found online at:

Ingenieurkammer Baden-Württemberg
Postfach 10 24 12
D-70020 Stuttgart 
Zellerstraße 26  
D-70180 Stuttgart (Süd)

Telephone +49 711 64971-0 
Fax +49 711 64971-55