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Our company brochure

Economic Viability of Modern Timber Bridges - Lifespan and Costs of Maintenance

Economic Viability of Modern Timber Bridges - Lifespan and Costs of Maintenance
At this year's IABSE symposium (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) in Budapest, Hungary, Mr. Gerold from Harrer Ingenieure will give a presentation.

The complete life-cycle costs of a bridge are essentially composed of the planning and investment costs for the new structure on one hand, and the maintenance costs over the estimated life time on the other hand. In a German study with official verification, annual maintenance costs were obtained for so called "covered" substructures made of timber. The average annual maintenance costs were obtained from a representative quantity of way over 50 timber bridges to less then 1% - based on construction costs. For such timber bridges "with protective cover" the actual level of quality is consistent with that of road bridges constructed from steel, reinforced or prestressed concrete. It could also be confirmed that in the case of protected timber bridges, on maintenance costs no differentiation must be made between footbridges and road bridges. Road bridges are constructed in a very robust way and often have a closed road surface, usually in the form of an asphalt sealing.

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IABSE Symposium 2004

Metropolitan Habitats and Infrastructure
Shanghai, China
September 22- 24, 2004
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Challenges in Timber

Innovations in composite construction - connecting techniques - outlook
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'Metropolitan Habitats and Infrastructure', Shanghai 2004, Symposium papers are presented according to four topics: Planning and Evaluation; Design and Analysis; Construction and Materials; Maintenance, Operation and Life Cycle Consideration. Volume with abstracts and CD with full papers available, and can be ordered on the iabse website.

Bloc Glued Laminated Decks for Timber Bridges

Bloc Glued Laminated Decks for Timber Bridges
- by now, a proven design in Germany

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